The ADAM UNLIMITED can be customised in so many different ways, finally making it possible to connect with a car that’s as unique as you are. In tribute to the ADAM UNLIMITED, we take a look at what defines your individuality

There are more than seven billion of us living on this planet, and no two individuals are exactly alike. We differ in an infinite number of ways, from obvious traits such as hair and eye colour to personality quirks, habits and interests. So what is it that makes you… well, you?

At the most basic level, it’s your DNA that distinguishes you from everybody else. If you took every piece of DNA from your body and lined it up end-to-end, it would form a strand 6,000 million miles long – and it’s the information contained in this mind-boggling length that makes you different from every other human who has ever lived. Even identical twins have very small differences in their DNA, thanks to slight genetic mutations that occur in a growing body.

DNA is responsible for other truly unique features, such as fingerprints and iris colour, as well as influencing how we look, feel and behave. But it isn’t just your genes that play a role. The key is a combination of DNA and environmental factors, making upbringing almost as important as genetics.

A collation of almost every twin study done across the world from the past 50 years recently revealed that human traits are 49% down to genetic factors and 51% a result of environment. It isn’t only your parents who influence your character and personality. Researchers have identified three key influences during childhood and adolescence: schooling, family background and local area. Within these, though, more subtle factors come into play. Perhaps you had an important role model when you were growing up. Maybe a good teacher encouraged you to excel in a particular subject, or you were wowed by a friend’s music taste. The smallest environmental influences could potentially have a huge impact on your character and taste.

The icing on the cake of individuality is personal style – something that most people start to experiment with in their early teens. It’s no secret that teenagers are more influenced by peer pressure than any other age groups, meaning your style in these early years is most likely to be defined by friends and peers that you look up to.

While teenage style tends to align to social cliques, for adults it’s a more individual concept. The internet is a huge source of style inspiration, with 64% of shoppers using blogs for inspiration before making a fashion purchase. Instagram motivated style decisions for 42% of women ages 18-29, and a further 27% of fashion buys are influenced by Pinterest. The impact of the catwalk has also been partly replaced by the democracy of the web, with street-style blogs increasingly popular.

Ultimately, though, while you might garner inspiration from a thousand different sources, your personal style will always reflect your individual uniqueness – and individuality is something to take pride in. As Winnie-the-Pooh author A.A. Milne said: “The things that make me different are the things that make me.”

And that’s where the ADAM UNLIMITED comes in, for you can make your ADAM truly reflect your very own personal style. There are so many possible colour, trim and specification combinations, giving endless scope to customise your ADAM UNLIMITED exactly how you want it. With 20 different exterior colour choices, combined with 8 roof colours and 43 alloy wheel styles plus a range of vinyl decals and accessories, you really can personalise it to your heart’s content.
In fact, it’s probably safe to say you’ll never spot another ADAM identical to yours!



ADAM UNLIMITED and ADAM ROCKS UNLIMITED are the latest additions to the ADAM range, allowing you to personalise your Vauxhall like never before, with virtually no restrictions on what you can create. All exterior colours, roof colours, wheel styles, interior trims and technology options can be specified, so you can dream up an ADAM that is truly unique.

ADAM UNLIMITED ‘s high level of standard specification includes:
• 16” Titan Triple cross alloy wheels
• Electronic climate control
• CD player with USB facility and aux-in socket
• Bluetooth connectivity
• IntelliLink, which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
• Steering wheel mounted audio controls
• Leather-covered steering wheel
• Cruise control
• Electronic Stability Control

Choose ADAM ROCKS UNLIMITED and you get the following as standard, in addition to ADAM UNLIMITED standard features:
• Anthracite protective mouldings for wheel arches, lower doors and side sills
• Anthracite front and rear bumpers with alloy effect visible underbody protection
• Roof colour pack
• Dark tinted rear windows
• Increased ride height
• Vauxhall OnStar
• Electric folding canvas roof
• Digital radio
• LED Daytime running lights
• Chrome pack

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