Instagram photographer Jacob Riglin went off the beaten track with ADAM ROCKS, capturing incredible landscapes across Europe

When Jacob Riglin set off in search of some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes to photograph, an ADAM ROCKS proved to be his perfect companion. “We spent the first six days exploring the border area between South Germany and Austria, before heading towards Denmark, stopping in Copenhagen along the way,” Jacob says. “Sweden was next on the agenda, after which we arrived at our final destination of Norway. The main reason for finishing there was the Lofoten Islands, as we were keen to get some pictures of the incredible landscapes there.”



Jacob pushed the ADAM ROCKS hard over the course of the trip, covering around 6,500 miles in total. Despite the huge distance, he said the car not only took everything they threw at it in its stride, but also suffered no reliability issues. “There were two features in particular that really came in handy,” he says, “the first being the boot. We had a huge amount of stuff to take with us, from camping equipment to camera gear, and we easily got it all in the car. The sun roof was also a brilliant addition, giving us the chance to view things from a different perspective.” To see more of Jacob’s work, check out his Instagram.