Vauxhall OnStar

The secret to happy journeys

The all-new OnStar UK package provides services at the push of a button, including emergency response notification and stolen vehicle recovery technology.

One of the fantastic extra benefits of having OnStar is that you get a high-speed 4G LTE mobile network in your car, which allows you to connect up to seven devices at one time – making journeys without internet connection a thing of the past. It may well make you into a bit of a hero with those crucial back-seat judges, too, when it’s time to fire up multiple tablets to keep them happy!

The secret bar...

The secret bar…

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is a dinky basement bar in Shoreditch, London, that has achieved cult status since its opening. To guarantee entry, ring up to get your name on the list.

You’ll then be told to turn up at The Breakfast Club restaurant at your allotted time, after which you’ll be granted access to The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town through a fridge. Yes, you read that right: a custom-made Smeg fridge gives way to a staircase leading to the prohibition-style bar, where you can drink and dance the night away.

The Secret Garden Party

The Secret Garden Party

Fancy dress, colourful costumes, mud-wrestling and music all go hand in hand at The Secret Garden Party. This festival party takes place at Mill Hill Field in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, and is a celebration of ideas, creativity and music, offering an eclectic musical mix. It’s a festival without sponsorship, which helps it to retain an independent feel, and delights its visitors with spectacular fireworks, paint fights and a magical atmosphere.

Discover 220 acres of landscaped gardens, a river and a lake, at this garden-party-gone-crazy. It may now be over for 2015, but tickets are already on sale for 2016. The festival has a definite party vibe to it, with attractions designed to appeal to kids as well as adults.

The secret ingredient

The secret ingredient

‘Africa’s best-kept secret’ has gone mainstream this year. Baobab is a fruit that comes from the Adansonia tree and, while it may have been on the radar of health-food fans for a while, it’s recently been incorporated into products sold in both Waitrose and Marks & Spencer.

Baobab has impressive nutritional benefits, such as powerful antioxidant qualities, six times the vitamin C of oranges and six times the potassium of bananas. It grows in 32 African countries, and as the product was mainly going to waste before, a major surge in popularity could create a big industry for Africa, as supply is already there. It is sold in powder form and incorporated into juices. Minvita sells a 250g pot of Baobab superfruit powder for £14.69.

NASA - Top Secret

Top secret?

Comments on space flight forum led to speculation about Nasa’s secret space technology, and the possibility that the agency may have been testing an electromagnetic (EM) propulsion drive in a vacuum – a step towards working on a form of space flight that could carry people to the moon in a few short hours. The Independent reported in May that NASA had built an EM drive, and described how the futuristic device would work by propelling objects through space, using magnets to create microwaves, which would then be sent through a device to create thrust. The spacecraft that carried it would need to carry a nuclear power plant to create the energy required to travel through space – and, the article stated, it could eventually lead to ships that can move at almost 10 per cent of the speed of light. However, Nasa’s official site said that: “For the near future, warp drive remains a dream” – so it’s not quite time to say goodbye to the trusty old rocket just yet.