Connected by WELLNESS

Seven out of ten people regularly suffer from back pain, but if they drive New Astra, they’ll find a comfortable driving experience that will help relieve their problems. New Astra’s ergonomic AGR front seats for drivers and passengers, which are standard on Elite models, are certified by the German company, AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs) – a centre of excellence for ergonomics. The seats offer a wide range of adjustment options, including lumbar support and seat-cushion extension, letting you fine-tune your favourite position. The Power Driver’s Seat option lets you add more luxury with in-seat massage ventilation and a memory function for your personal settings. You may never want to get out again…


Connected by MUSIC

Winner of the Mercury Music Prize, Benjamin Clementine has been dubbed the ‘male Nina Simone’ and has won admiration for his remarkably-individual style, his timeless songwriting, storytelling, old-fashioned modesty and powerful voice, displayed on his album At Least For Now. The British-French poet, pianist, composer, musician and recording artist effectively connects the past with the present, bringing to mind vocalists such as Nat King Cole from the 1940s, and combining this with modern-day stories of Edmonton, bus rides and homelessness on the streets of Paris. His talent and timeless music transcend boundaries by uniting people around the world. After his wildly-successful tour of Europe and the UK in 2015, you can buy and listen to Benjamin’s music and keep an eye out for future gigs at


Connected by TRAVEL

To mark the Flying Scotsman’s eagerly- anticipated return to the tracks this year, a whole season of events and activities has been planned at the York and Shildon National Railway Museums to celebrate the locomotive legend. As well as spotting the steam icon out and about on Britain’s railways, both mainline and heritage lines, during 2016, why not take the chance to get up close and personal with this diva of the tracks? Until May 8th, you can embark on a fascinating journey on board and immerse yourself in the glamour and allure of the Flying Scotsman service throughout the eras, by stepping onto three carriages of the kind that travelled the flagship London – Edinburgh route.
There’s also the Starring Scotsman exhibition, highlighting the highs and lows of the Flying Scotsman’s rollercoaster career, from glamorous modernist icon and world record breaker, to Sixties globetrotting symbol of the preservation movement and modern-day national treasure.


Connected by WIRELESS

Jarvis Cocker’s Wireless Nights programmes, broadcast on BBC Radio 4, connect people around the world, linking them through music and literature, and transforming everyday endeavours into a work of art. Available to download as podcasts on the BBC website, the show is described as “a nocturnal exploration of the human condition”, designed to be “a little bit impressionistic”, with the idea being that “you might be lying listening in bed and can fall asleep and not know whether or not you are dreaming”. The first episode, three years ago, featured a shepherdess staying up late delivering lambs, night prayers, and a nurse working into the early hours. Cocker says, “The programme is not about big incidents: you eavesdrop on what people get up to before the sun rises, and I kind of float around as an invisible narrator”.
Last year, the small-scale adventures were staged at an even grander level when the show was broadcast with the BBC Philharmonic at the Proms, in a special ‘Underwater at the Proms’ performance, where a sonic seascape took the listener on an underwater voyage down to the ocean bed.


Connected by DANCE

Big Dance is a worldwide initiative to link people of all ages through dance. The Big Dance Pledge is a free opportunity to learn an original choreography, or develop it to make it your own, then perform it wherever you are as part of a worldwide performance day. Choreographer Akram Khan has created the dance to a specially-composed music track by Nitin Sawhney. Using the themes of ‘overcoming adversity’ and ‘achievement’, Akram is encouraging groups to tell their own stories through the choreography and come together to share their experiences in performance. Free choreography films, written resources and the music track are available to view and download. Use them with your dance group, friends or colleagues to learn the three-minute dance, or develop your own choreography. Then perform your dance on 20th May at 1pm or 7pm local time, as part of a series of performances across the world connecting you to thousands of other dancers.


Connected by FOOD

He’s been gracing our screens for many years, encouraging us to eat healthily and famously trying to further healthy eating in schools, but have you heard about Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project? This is a unique online community and teaching resource hub that supports UK primary schools in bringing food education and cooking skills to life. “We believe that providing children with the tools they need to grow food from seed and prepare nutritious meals from scratch equips them with some of life’s most valuable skills,” the team says.
Joining The Kitchen Garden Project gives schools access to hundreds of delicious Jamie Oliver recipes specifically developed for children, lesson plans, helpful teaching notes, growing units, curriculum-linked activities, nutrition information, videos and other supporting materials for cooking and growing food during the school day.