When Vauxhall fan Bill Wilson of Morpeth changed his car in 1975, he chose a 1972 2.3-litre Victor FE in Tropic Green Starfire with just 6,000 miles on the clock. Today, the car is still going strong, more than 40 years later.
“These last few years, we’ve laid it up for the winter but use it regularly from April until the end of October,” says Bill. “Its current mileage is 112,438 miles.
“This is our fifth Vauxhall. The others were a 1953 and 1957 Velox, a 1964 FB Victor Deluxe and 1978 Chevette Saloon.
“Our son bought a 1986 Belmont, and he now has a Vectra and an Insignia. Our daughter has a Corsa and our granddaughter has an Astra and an Insignia.
“When I was young, I lived in a village where few people owned a car. One gentleman who did always had a Vauxhall. His last car before I moved away was a J Type. I always admired them and made up my mind that when I was old enough and could afford a car, it would be a Vauxhall. I achieved my ambition.” Read more stories from Vauxhall owners at vauxhallandi.co.uk.